The Chair

Today all my last digital prints were ready so I could finally get on with my finishing touches!

I started with the chair my kind friend has lent me to upcycle, I have got really excited throughout the who process of doing the chair and I think it look brilliant!

The chair was a glossed cream before with brown fabric on the cushion, the cushion had three other layers underneath. The fabrics were removed, the chair was cleaned and then sprayed with a matt grey.

The cushion was a little damaged so a plain layer was added to give it a base layer before my design was added.

I had my design printed on Cotton Troy which is soft but has strength for upholstery; I am so happy with my chair!

Check it all out in the images below!




chair 1Chair 2DSC_0212DSC_0213DSC_0214


DSC_0271DSC_0274DSC_0272chair 7


The Notebook..

I have made my first notebook cover today; which is using all my left over fabrics as previously explained.

I cut out the motifs and moved the components around to create new ones. I then hand sewed them onto suede; I used the threads that I have used for my oval designs. I tried to use the stitch to add more to the designs. I think it has turned out pretty well; just 3 more to do.

8366_1735462560033901_556435115160619353_nNote book 2DSC_0227DSC_0228DSC_0229

Context and Products

So today I am doing a little bit of product making, as you know from my previous posts I do love seeing my products in their context in a products and that’s why I have an umbrella and a dress so far. Plus I am slowly but steadily making my patch work quilt.

Anyway, I have been looking at other products I can make that are not scarves or cushions, there is nothing wrong with a scarf or a cushion but I want to make something different.

I had a fair amount of fabric left over from my dress so I am going to make notebook covers, these will be appliquéd and machine stitched into, I am also using left over suede from the ovals. Therefore, up cycling all my left over fabrics and creating new designs that are individually unique.


I am going to cover some padded coat hangers and make scent bags that go in draws or in wardrobes. These items will be sold alongside my bundles of craft fabrics.


I bes get on with it, only three weeks to go!



Combination Designs

For my final mini project I wanted to bring the other three projects (floral, tress and geometrics) together and create a collection that is a conclusion to all three.

These designs will also be on my quilt. The quilt will be laid out with floral first, then the tress, then the geometrics and then the combination designs so that it flows; it will show my progress as I went through. The quilt should show the journey this project has taking me on.

Anyway, the combination designs are using the drawings I used on the other designs or some that I have kept to one side; and using different project drawings together. Mt colour theme has remained the same apart from perhaps too much blue I think they work well together and are a nice conclusion.


quilt sample

Market Research – Craft Fabrics

I have been looking into where on the market I belong, its all well an good saying everywhere – I hope my designs show they can go everywhere but just in case I want to specialise into one area. So I am looking at craft fabrics; mostly Fat Quarters which are often sold in bundles for quilters.

What is a craft fabric?

Craft fabric has some special characteristics that make it particularly suitable for crafts. While this fabric can also be used for other sewing projects, like making clothing, it is often not the best choice for an item of clothing.

I have been creating designs that are suitable for craft fabrics and quilting; this is why motifs are small and I have had them printed on cotton poplin.

I wont bore you with the research too much but I have two options really:

  1. Go to craft fairs around the country (even the world: America is big for quilting)
  2. Get a manufacture to sign of on my designs and buy them.

Either way it doesn’t seem like its going to be easy and I will need to get my designs licensed either way.

I have a meeting with the Careers advise on Monday so hopefully I will have a better idea; but at the moment I just don’t see how I can make enough money to live on doing this specialization.


photo 22






Week Three – Geometric Designs

My geometric designs have been described as 1960’s which isn’t a bad thing because all my designs have been described as ‘Vintage’ whatever that means these days.

It seems I have moved away from pink and headed toward orange; I hope that they will look good with the rest of my designs in the quilt.

Geo Quilt Sample